Thursday, 20 March 2014

Cara lain Install Windows 8 tanpa BIOS UEFI


1. Tekan F2 di BIOS Setup
2. Boot -> Boot Mode Pilih "Legacy BIOS" bukan "UEFI"
3. Exit -> "Exit Saving Changes"
4. Instal Windows 8 Pro di DVD / FD
5. Tekan Shift+F10 di CMD
6. Tutorial Diskpart di CMD

a. ketik "diskpart" tekan enter

b. select disk 0

c. clean

d. convert mbr

e. create partition primary

f. select partition 1

g. active

h. format fs=ntfs quick

i. assign

j. exit dari diskpart

7. Tutup Command Prompt
8. Instal Windows 8 contoh: Lanuage to install, Time and currency format dll, klik tombol "next"
9. tombol "install now"
10. masuk key, tombol "next"
11. EULA, check "I accept the license terms", tombol "next'
12. Pilih "Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)"
13. disk manager and new hdd into mbr your install windows 8

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